A few tracks from our Ngarukuruwala CD, recorded at Nguiu, May 23rd and 24th 2008, and the Ngariwanajirri Strong Kids Song CD, recorded August 2010 - March 2011.

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 Purrukupali - solo voice - Clementine Puruntatameri (pictured)

This is the Tiwi dreaming story that explains the fundamental truth of death and after-life for the Tiwi.

Purrukupali's wife, Bima left her baby son and made love with Japarra. Left alone in the hot sun, the baby died. Purrukupali was inconsolable and he carried the body of his son and walked into the sea and disappeared, calling out that death will now come to the whole world.

When Japarra saw what had happened he changed himself into the moon to escape. But he did not escape the decree of Purrukupali, for even though his is eternally reincarnated, he has to die for three days every month (an explanation of the phases of the moon). Scars from his fighting with Purrukupali can be seen on the face of the moon man. 

 Ngariwanajirri Dance Mix

A shorter version of the Strong Kids Song (see youtube link).

This Mix samples a 1912 recording of the Tide Song in a dance groove imagined up by the kids, the band, the elders and some computers!

Listen to what the elders say. They are strong and so are you. You can grow up to be the best. We are going down to the beach. Clementine calls out to the spirits of the country, letting them know we are all here.


Murli - la A Love Song

This song begins with the voice of an old Tiwi lady recorded in 1954, singing the love song in the old way. Francis then sings our new version.



Intanguriyuwu ngajinipaju wijawuwu ngajinjangu wuriyuwu ngajinipaju wijawuwu

I'm sad that you are leaving this morning.

Ngangilampu katanginji teminjini ngijamiyi Ngangilampu katanginji teminjini ngijamiyi

I send all my thoughts to you

 yitangen layitiwate menityrraki ningiluwa yitangen layitiwate menityrraki ningiluwa

He gave me a torch to light my way



Karri nginta ngiya ngimpingingta kurruwuni

When you look at me

Ngyia tu angarri kukunari ngirrimiji

That's when I'm happy

 Apiwaya angilawayimingampulapa

That's when my heart starts beating

 Ngiya nyganguwanga ngintangi minipingitayi

That's when I think of you/am in love with you

 Murli murli la. Murli murli la.

Let's go

Kapi ngimparrimi muryeti angarruwu

Wherever you go that's where I will go too



Francis, Leonie and Sheba

Twinkle Kirimpika

At a lunch break one day some of the ladies started singing these songs to amuse their grandchildren. The first is about Kirimpika the crab who gets eaten by Kitirika, the turtle and Yirrikapayi the crocodile who eats the lot! The second song you'll know.. a kids' favourite from way back. The ladies sing these to the kids to teach them Tiwi.



Yirrikapayi Crocodile Song. A dreaming story about the first crocodile people.  

"Ngiya Kimarriyanginila". I am the crocodile man. There was a man who wouldn't share his land. The people chased him and speared him. He fell to the ground and crawled into the water and disappeared. What surfaced was not a man but a crocodile. 




 Ngawatu Ngimpitimati Nginta - Healing Song.

Kurukangawakawayi is the word repeated throughout. It means singing in a happy way and is "music and harmony". Tiwi don't hum (spoils the voice) so this word is one everyone knows and lets people join in the singing even if they don't know the song.